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Senior Java Developer, Shape the Culture Around You

22 Sep 2017

Where are you right now?

You like what you do but you are seeking more professional and personal satisfaction.

You want to join a fast growing company with purpose where you can see the difference your work is making.

You are also looking to make a major contribution to direction-setting decisions as part of a senior development team.

It’s this the case? You may want to join us. 

Why would you like to join us now?

We move as fast as you want. This is not your average, boring position. We work in a busy, dynamic industry that keeps everyone on their toes.

Our ambition to grow is huge – matched only by, well, yours. Expect to work in a flexible and friendly atmosphere of an early stage start-up, where we have no patience for the lazy or unambitious and where we want everyone fully involved and committed to the company's projects.

Our client deserve the best. The same goes for you. Being among the first members of a new team, your work will be definitely valued. There are and will be other projects so that only this first project should not be taken into account.

Your opportunity, our purpose and our reach. The collaboration will be open, any option being possible - Employee, PFA, SRL, Joint Venture, feel free to choose. 

For more details and benefits, you will find this helpful: Senior Java Developer.

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